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tricky skilled mechanics

Tricky ‘Skilled Mechanics’ – Album Review

False Idols (2016)

Named after a term used for trained assassins he heard in a documentary on espionage, Skilled Mechanics sees trip-hop trailblazer Tricky assemble his own killer team for the most collaborative studio effort of his lengthy career. Some of those on board are no stranger to the world of Adrian Thaws, including regular vocalist Francesca Belmonte who lends her sultry tones to the eerie synth-balladry of “We Begin,” drummer Luke Harris […]

tricky adrian thaws

Tricky “Adrian Thaws” – Album Review

False Idols (2014)

After delivering his best record in almost two decades with last year’s False Idols, trip-hop pioneer Tricky strikes while the iron’s hot with an eleventh studio effort that shares the name he was given at birth, Adrian Thaws. The second release through the 46-year-old’s own label has been self-described as his first real club album, and although there’s little here likely to threaten David Guetta’s status as the king of […]


Tricky “False Idols” – Album Review

False Idols (2013)

Once part of the holy trinity of Bristol trip-hop alongside Portishead and Massive Attack, Tricky has since tainted his legacy with a string of twenty-first century releases that were either unfocused, self-indulgent or both, and a bizarre mumbling appearance at Beyonce’s Glastonbury set which he went onto admit was the most embarrassing moment of his life. Expectations for False Idols, his tenth studio effort and the first on his own label, […]