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Veronica Mars Gets Theater Locations

Veronica Mars, the critically acclaimed but canceled Nancy Drew-eque show, launched a massively successful kickstarter last year. And now, the release date is slowly but surely approaching. The tickets for the film go on sale on Feb 14, just one month before the release of the film. And now AMC has released a full list of the locations which will be sporting the Veronica Mars film. Atlanta PARKWAY POINTE 15 […]

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‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer Delivers

Veronica Mars was a television show. Some say it was one of the best. Regardless, it got cancelled. Years of sadness and rumored movie reunions ensued. Well, all that heartache is about to be over. Thanks to Kickstarter and a loyal fan base, Veronica Mars is returning as a feature film. Everyone from the original cast has returned and are reprising their old roles. The plot for the film centers […]