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Gareth Evans Has Gives Some Interesting Tidbits About ‘The Raid 3′

The Raid is undeniably a global phenomenon. It’s a film that has been viewed in almost every country and continent in the world. Most notably it’s taken ahold of the North American consciousness. Not bad for a film originally made with a few hundred thousand dollars and a simple high concept. Most of the film’s success is due to it’s ingenious master mastermind Gareth Evans. Evans is currently in the […]


The Raid 2 Looks Mind Blowing

The Raid exploded onto the global scene a few years ago and it made a name for everyone involved. Well, all the principle individuals that were involved in making the initial installment so popular have returned and they’re shooting to out do themselves. The Raid 2 looks to be the Godfather Part II of action movies. The set pieces look stunning, the characters look engrossing, and the film looks to […]


The Raid 2: Redemption

The Raid was one of the must-see films of 2011. The inventive action flick took the world by storm with its unique promise, brilliant execution, and impressive fight sequences. The Raid’s budget was roughly around a million dollars. It’s made over fifteen million worldwide. Needless to say, there’s gonna be a sequel. Gareth Evans, the director of the original installment, is returning for the sequel. However this time the film […]