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Nine Upcoming Rap/Hip-Hop Albums That Should Be On Your Radar (Part 1)

While 2013 has just begun, so many quality rap/hip-hop albums have dropped in the span of only two months that it seems like an entire year has passed me by. Off the top of my head, I can already call out a couple top notch releases that will probably end up on my best of year end list: – LongLiveA$AP by A$AP Rocky – Life Changes by Casey Veggies – […]


Their Moment: 10 of 2012’s Best Rap/Hip-Hop Collaborative Songs

2012 is soon coming to an end. Is life as we know it coming to an end, too?  Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong about their little doomsday prediction. But just in case they’re not, let’s make sure we all party till we can’t party no more. The DJ at this world ending party better have these songs on deck! These rap/hip-hop songs feature a wide variety of the biggest […]