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Taken 3 To Star Liam Neeson (They’re Only Paying Him $20 Million)

I love seemingly never ending action franchises. I’ve seen all four of The Substitute films. I’ve seen all the Death Wish films more times than I can count. It’s something in my personality. I just love crapy sequels.

Well, it looks like Taken is turning into one of those action franchises. With Taken 2 being such a massive money maker. Taken 3 is just a matter of time.

Currently Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are working on the screenplay. No director has been chose and none of the cast, other than Neeson, are confirmed to be returning.

I’m hopin that he gets hired by somebody this time. Cause it’s getting slightly ridicules that his family keeps getting kidnapped. However, it he opts to find someone else’s child/loved one/dog/kitten/car keys i could see this franchise continuing for a long time.

Early reports are saying that Neeson is going to make close to $20 million on Taken 3. Good for him.


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