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The Best of the Odd Future

It might be harder to reconcile yourself to the existence of Tyler, the Creator—frontman of the L.A. hip-hop collective Odd Future—if the man didn’t live up to his name.

The Odd Future (“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” if you want to get technical about it) seems like it produces more media on a daily basis than Time Warner produces in a year. In its scant two years of existence, the eleven-member collective has turned out videos, a TV show, a clothing line, and a series of pop-up shops. Oh yeah, and they make hip-hop too.

Consuming all the media that Odd Future produces is nearly a full-time job, but if you’re looking to dive into that barrel of snakes, here are a few good places to start.

Tyler, the Creator’s video for “Yonkers”

This is probably the most pervasive video clip the Odd Future has put out to date. The track is from Tyler, the Creator’s solo debut (Goblin) and it serves as a good rite of passage for potential Odd Future fans. If your reaction to Tyler’s suicidal, blurry, cockroach-vomiting antics is generally positive, then you’ve probably got the makings of an Odd Future fan.

Odd Future’s NYC pop-up shop
This shop is a promotional gimmick meant to call attention to the Odd Future’s second full-length (The OF Tape Vol. 2…guess that plan worked), but it could probably stand on its own merits as a retail enterprise.

Check out this video for a glimpse at some Odd Future hooliganism and a few of the shirts (designed by Tyler, the Creator) that have become part of the Odd Future brand.

Loiter Squad

Loiter Squad is a sketch comedy show on Adult Swim that features the Odd Future members doing the kind of crazy junk they usually do, except that now they’re getting paid for it. Stylistically the stepchild of Jackass and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Loiter Squad is an offering in keeping with Adult Swim’s M.O.; the clips are wacky, low-budget and most likely conceived of, produced and consumed by people who are very stoned.

The Odd Future website
MySpace’s frustrating longevity owes at least in part to the fact that bands tend to be terrible at making their own websites. Odd Future bucks this trend by offering their fans a multimedia hodgepodge that’s about halfway calculated marketing blitz and halfway schizophrenic person’s scrapbooking project.

Check out some of those links for even more Odd Future-related goodies.

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