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The Bond Short List

Ladies and Gentleman, my dreams are coming true.

Every single one of the directors that is currently in contention for the as-yet-untitled Bond film that Sony is attempting to birth at some point in the near future.

Rumor has it that the studio is attempting to get the film out by 2014. However, screenwriter John Logan doesn’t think this release date is reasonable and that 2016 is more reasonable.

Either way, I’d be overjoyed at more than half the names on this list being chosen.

Currently the short list of Directors is Christopher Nolan, Nicolas Winding Refn, Shane Black, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee, Sam Mendes, and David Yates.

One wonders what an Ang Lee Bond film would look like. The only names I’m not overjoyed about seeing are Tom Hooper and David Yates, who would both be serviceable. Nothing against those two particular film makers they just lack the visual grace and pinnace that some of the other names have.

I’m personally rooting for Nicolas Winding Refn or Sam Mendes.

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