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The Day The Internet Was Completely Wrong AKA Sony Is Not Selling Spider-man


If you’ve been online in the past 24 to 48 hours you know that rumor after rumor have been flying about the fate of Sony controlled film franchises Spider-man and Resident Evil.

To make a long story very, very short, Sony is not selling the rights to Spider-man or Resident Evil.

The whole internet explosion happened because super investor David Loeb sent a letter to Sony bigwig Kaz Hairi recommending that he put up 15-20% of Sony’s public stake for sale. Thereby making the company seem more valuable due to public interest. This stems from the fact that Sony’s entertainment devision has been propping the entire corporation up for a number of years.

Think about it, when was the last time you bought a Sony ANYTHING that wasn’t a playstation or a movie ticket.

The uniformed blogosphere took this as meaning that Sony was looking to ditch 15% to 20% of its film catalogue. Why would they do that? If they were attempting to make themselves seem more lucrative why would they have a fire-sale and ditch their two biggest cash cows, internet? Why?

Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures head, even told Harry Knowles this earlier today, and yet the rumors kept flying.

Well, hopefully, the internet has learned its lesson and won’t do this again. Oh, wait. It’s the internet and there’s probably going to be an insane rumor started tomorrow and perpetuated by people who hate the idea of fact checking.

In fact, let’s beat them to the punch.

I’ve heard from a source, not in any way connected to Universal, that the Fast and Furious film franchise is planning a crossover with Nick Cage’s Gone in Sixty Seconds remake film. Supposedly, the film will function as Fast and Furious 8 and Gone in Sixty Seconds Two. Currently, the working title is Gone in 8 Furiously Fast Seconds. That sounds like a working title to me. I’d expect that to change before shooting begins.


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