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The Emmys Don’t Matter

The Emmy’s have long been the strange, slightly gangly, socially awkward cousin in the award show family. They don’t really matter. They’re there. They’re at the table. They’re frequently seen around at family functions. But most people don’t like them. They’re certainly not the Oscars. The pride and joy of the family. The accomplished and good looking favorite child. They’re not even the Golden Globes, the stocky, slightly less accomplished younger sibling. Christ, they’re not even the Grammys.

What does an Emmy even get you in todays world? Some street cred for like five minutes? Validation that your basic cable show that almost no one watches ‘really is just that cool’? Or maybe your part in your highly acclaimed, massively binged watched netflix original show was as good as the internet forums laude it to be?


The award is so meaningless because they fixate on a performer and just dump awards on them. You like Breaking Bad, right? Yes. We all like Breaking Bad. How great is Bryan Cranston? He’s wonderful. Sure. Well, what if ever year for the next ten years you could watch him win an award for acting. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Yeah? I guess? Wait. No. Actually that sounds really boring and lame. Why would I watch that? It’s the same show every year. It’s Mad Men wins a shit ton of stuff, Kevin Spacey gets the shaft, and well, Robin Wright is usually there…. And who can say something bad about Robin Wright? She’s talented, intelligent, and absolutely amazing looking.

So at least there’s that? Robin Wright? I guess?

I suppose it should be said that the Emmys are a time honored institution which sheds light on the achievements and improvements that individuals have made in the craft of storytelling. It’s a cultural landmark which enables vast swaths of the population to tune in and get a handle on the media that they could be consuming. The Emmys allow for a spotlight to be shown on the industry and its biggest and brightest stars to stand up and take a bow.

It also allows me an entire night of not worrying about where my grandparents are. Because I know.

They’re in front of their TV.

Watching Seth Meyers gyrate around and make an ass of himself. The best part of the evening? When they call him Seth Rogen and remark on how much weight he’s lost and that his laugh is now strangely tolerable.

So, if nothing else, Emmys. Thank you for that.

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Dave Baker, originally from the drug-infested wasteland that is Arizona, lives in Los Angeles. He has a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration. Logically, he makes a living as a writer. Dave has written comic books and the moving pictures. Dave also enjoys talking about himself in the third person, not cooking, and taking long walks around his apartment. If you'd like to read more of his writing or comics they can be found at

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