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The Guyver (Film Review)

Dudes in rubber suits will never get old. I simply adore watching grown men garbed in foam and latex beat the ever living shit out of each other.


The Guyver is one of those movies that is best discovered on VHS. It’s also almost a viewing requirement that you smuggle it home from school in a backpack and wait for your parents to either go to sleep or leave the house before watching it.


The Guyver is Power Rangers on crack. It’s got creature effects out the wazoo and it’s got Mark Hamill in it. What more could one want from film that was produced in 199whatever.


The story centers on Sean Barker who finds an alien device that transforms him into a super soldier/alien hybrid killing machine.


The Guyver was amazing when I was 12. On a second look? Not so much. It’s still fun, there are some great character actors cast in the film, but overall it lacks any depth. The film was co-directed by Steve Wang and Screaming Mad George, two creature effect gurus. Let’s be honest, anytime someone’s credited name is “Screaming Mad” that’s usually the benchmark of quality.


The film was produced by Brian Yuzna, the producer and sometimes direcotor of the Re-Animator series as well as the director of Return of the Living Dead 3. Yuzna’s trademark penchant for slapstick comedy is present in the Guyver but Wang and George don’t handle it as well. It comes off as a pale facsimile of Yuzna’s got-to move.


The Guyver is a beauty to behold if you’re a fan of practical prosthetics. If you’re not, you’re going to be bored and utterly unsatisfied.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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