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The ‘Incomparable’ Faith Evans Keeps the Faith

Faith Evans is about to release her 6th album, Incomparable, in late November, and we must say it is exciting to hear once again from the diva! Y’all remember Faith? Oh, who could forget the legendary songstress and widow? Her story reads like something out of a film noir itself.

It was 1994. The stage was set for perhaps the greatest love triangle in hip-hop mythical lore. Soon-to-be rap legend The Notorious B.I.G., soon-to-be queen of rap Lil’ Kim, and soon-to-be widow and superstar singer/songwriter Faith Evans in her own right, would all collide.

Faith Evans had just signed as the first lady of P.Diddy’s (back then he was Puff Daddy) new label, Bad Boy Entertainment. Puff was adamant about turning Biggie into a star and a sex symbol, and he told Faith he was going to do it. At the time, Biggie was in the process of recording his now iconic Ready to Die album, when he met Faith at a photo shoot. Love at first sight. A few weeks later, he married her on August 4th 1994.

But his marriage didn’t stop his relationship with Lil’ Kim by any means. Faith Evans recently caught up with RTT News to discuss the infidelity. Apparently, she didn’t even know it was going on.

“I didn’t even think anything of them to be quite honest… It was pretty shocking but just to be clear, I wouldn’t necessarily say she befriended me or something,” she said.

Only three years later, Faith found herself in yet another triangle—this time at the center of the biggest rivalry in hip-hop history, the East Coast / West Coast battle which chiefly surrounded Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Both rap stars were tragically slain, but not before Tupac released the diss track “Hit ‘Em Up” only four months before his murder. The incredibly violent song includes Tupac rapping, “You claimed to be a player, but I f***ed your wife.” As if Faith really needed to hear that! Those allegations never were proven true – but they were proven fatal. And the only survivor from that triangle was Faith.

But despite her turbulent marriage, humiliating infidelity, the East Coast / West Coast rivalry, and the murky controversy surrounding both Biggie’s and Tupac’s deaths, Faith Evans still kept the faith – and I mean in herself. She released three platinum albums with Bad Boy: Faith (1995), Keep the Faith (1998) and Faithfully (2001). She won a Grammy for Puff Daddy’s tribute single to Biggie, “I’ll Be Missing You”. She published an award-winning autobiography and became a New York Times best-selling author (peep it, she talks about Tupac and herself). And she released three more albums, selling a career 18 million. If anyone rose through the ash like a phoenix, it was Faith. She even took the time to praise her late husband’s timeless music:

“It’s just crazy cause I still hear—When you hear a Biggie record right now, it doesn’t sound like it’s 18-years-old. Just something about it has that timeless appeal, which people today are still using him as a reference of how to do it. Even newcomers right now, so that says a lot.”

Classy. Now Faith stars and co-executive produces TV One’s R&B Divas and is giving us a little treat:her 6th album, Incomparable, slated for a November 25th release. With that soul-stained voice and the hurricanes Ms. Evans has overcome to become her own woman in this misogynistic hip-hop world, we are sure her album will be just as incomparable as she!

Incomparable features the lead single “I Deserve It,” with Sharaya J and Missy Elliott. Check out the video below!

Faith Evans – “I Deserve It”

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