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The Last Circus (Film Review)

Every once and a while you go to a friend’s house for a movie night and you get blown away. Not just ‘man, that movie was awesome’ good, but ‘how have I existed without seeing this film’ good. That’s what my viewing experience of The Last Circus was like.

The Last Circus is a film about clowns. It’s also about war and family and love and revenge and insanity. The Last Circus is ten times better than it has any right to be. The Last Circus is the movie you’ve always wanted to see but never knew existed.

The Last Circus is written and directed by Alex de la Inglesia. It’s a period film that spans from 1934 to 1975. It chronicles the life and trials of a clown named Javier, who is played by Carlos Areces.

I’m attempting to be coy about the plot or the details of the Last Circus because the less one knows about the film the more wonderful the experience.

Needless to say the film involves clowns. Principally it involves two of them. Javier and Sergio. Like all well-written stories the hero and the villain serve as mirror images to each other. They serve to reflect the positive and negative sides of each other. Who would have thought a movie about murderous clowns would be this complex and intricate?

In one of the the most moving segments of the film, Javier stumbles into a movie theatre and watches Raphael, the spanish singer, deliver his famous song ‘Ballad of a sad trumpet’. The sequence is breath-taking.

The Last Circus is a whirlwind of insanity and emotion. A raw combination of gut wrenching heartbreak and psychotic breakdown, The Last Circus forces you to stop what you’re doing and allow yourself to be consumed by the bizarre artistic prowess of the storytellers.

The Last Circus starts with a bang and doesn’t stop until every single person in the audience is both uncomfortably and weeping. It’s a film that succeeds on multiple levels, all the while being the most over the top concoction of disparate elements you could imagine.

The Last Circus is the film that every hardcore genre film buff needs to witness and then endlessly proselytize. It’s the best movie that you’ve never seen or heard off before. Go out and do yourself a favor, find it and watch it. Now. You’ll thank me. Your friends will thank me. It’s that good.

The Last Circus is your new favorite movie waiting to be seen. Trust me.

5 / 5 stars     

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