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The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Bruce Willis is notorious for being a bit of a…. well, to put it bluntly, an asshole. He’s been known to hold up major motion picture production for days as he throws tantrums over minor elements of the plot. Well, Mr Willis has apparently had enough of promoting his own work. He’s not going to do it anymore. And by ‘not going to do it’ I mean show up to the interviews but act like a complete and utter douche.

See for yourself.


Part of me doesn’t believe that this is real. It seems too jumpy to be really. The timing is so strange that it almost seems like the interview when perfectly and then someone in post decided to edit together what could possibly be the worst interview ever committed to film.

Willis seems so fed up with the questions that the interviewer is asking it’s almost unreasonable. I get it. He’s been asked these same questions four billion times but who would really be that big a douche? Well, Bruce Willis apparently.

I’d hate to encounter Willis on a day when he’s doing something truly unpleasant. As opposed to just talking about a multi million dollar film, that is going to be seen all over the globe, and that I’m sure he got paid ungodly amounts of money to appear in.


I’ll leave you with this.



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