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The Raid 2: Redemption

The Raid was one of the must-see films of 2011. The inventive action flick took the world by storm with its unique promise, brilliant execution, and impressive fight sequences. The Raid’s budget was roughly around a million dollars. It’s made over fifteen million worldwide. Needless to say, there’s gonna be a sequel.

Gareth Evans, the director of the original installment, is returning for the sequel. However this time the film won’t have a narative gimmick. Evans has said that the film will have ‘the same kind of action beats,” and that he wanted to go “way more cinematic with it.” “We’re expanding the universe out,” he elaborated. “We’re taking the story out of that little claustrophobic setting and putting it out into the streets and into the high end gangsters in Jakarta. It’s a lot bigger in scope.”

Well, color me sold. I can’t wait it.


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