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The Stretch Armstrong That Could Have Been

Following the glut of toys turned into super successful movie franchise, every remotely popular toy was bought by one movie studio or another and prepped for a big screen relaunch. One of these films was Stretch Armstrong. You know, the awesome toy with the bendy arms?  Yeah. They were going to make a movie about him.

Purportedly Taylor Lautner was going to star in the film which was being produced by Relativity Media and Hasbro. Since then, the movie has fallen apart and there’s very little likelihood that we’ll see the film make it to the big screen.

These story boards are pretty cool but you could measure my interest in seeing this film on the head of a pin. I really doubt that Stretch Armstrong really has a following that’s large enough to support a feature film adaptation. But, hey. Maybe he does.

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Erica Freddricks currently resides in Baltimore where she writes film criticisms and plants things. She also enjoys Korgis. She graduated from Towson University with a major in Art History and a minor being awesome.

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