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Things Andre 3000 Is Doing Instead of Making More Outkast Albums

If we’re not counting the 2005 soundtrack to Idlewild (and I’d really rather not), then it’s been seven years since Outkast released an actual album. I’m not laying this hiatus strictly at the feet of Andre Lauren Benjamin (a.k.a. Andre 3000), but Dre’s finicky attitude toward the grind of live performance certainly had a hand in the duo’s moving on to non-Outkast pursuits.

In interviews, Big Boi and Andre 3000 have avoided stating outright that Outkast is done for good, leaving the prospect of another album dangling just out of our collective grasp. However, with the plethora of side projects Andre 3000 has kept in the air, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that he’d even be able to find time for a reunion with Big Boi.

Luckily, if you still need your Andre 3000 fix, there are plenty of places to get it.


High-profile collaborations have often as not turned out to be complete messes, but this alliance between Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Andre 3000 actually turned out pretty well.

Andre’s verse comes mid-way through the song and features what might be some of his best work of the post-Outkast period.

The video is also a thing to behold: computer generated roommates (drawn in the inimitable Gorillaz aesthetic) wander disconsolately about their morning routine and wind up having one of the strangest breakfasts yet committed to video. Converse shoes also show up periodically, because apparently they were footing the bill for this whole thing.

Benjamin Bixby

Since 2008, Andre has devoted significant time and effort to developing his Benjamin Bixby [URL: http://www.benjamin-bixby.com] clothing line. As you can probably guess, Andre’s sartorial tastes run towards the extreme ends of the spectrum. Benjamin Brixton favors preppy styles that wouldn’t be out of place in Willy Wonka’s wardrobe.

Barney’s has carried the clothing line since its launch, and though it’s far from a hit, Dre is still planning to expand the collection for the 2012 season. If you check out the mask that Andre’s cartoon facsimile is wearing in the video for “DoYaThing”, it actually features a pattern used on many Benjamin Bixby shirts.

Gillette Fusion Razor Commercial

I don’t know what the “talent” budget was for this ad, but it couldn’t have been anything short of astronomic. The spot features Adrien Brody, Gabrielle Garcia Bernal and Andre 3000 all offering different variations on their meticulously tended facial hair.

I’d expect this sort fastidious grooming from Andre, but I’m pretty sure that Gabriel Garcia Bernal shaves only on odd-numbered days and that Adrien Brody’s mustache is being helped on with paste.

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