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Time Cop: The Next Generation

Well, it looks like the Hollywood IP sausage machine is churning out another piece of don’t-ask-how-it-got-made gold.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s seminal 199whatever action vehicle is getting rebooted.

The original narrative centers on a police officer who catches a corrupt politician who is using time travel to aid his career. The film was also spun off into a TV series which starred Ted King as officer Jack Logan and a direct to DVD film starring Jason Scott Lee.

My hope for the reboot is that they’ll take the Days of Future Past or Highlander: Endgame approach. I’m really rooting for Van Damme, Jason Scot Lee, Ted King and random zeitgeist pinpointing male ingenue to have to team up against a time traveling drug cartel. Maybe they have to time traveling drone warfare? What else is really on the nose and disgustingly 2013? The Shia Lebeouf character is unemployed and struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was promised the world? Or maybe the entire soundtrack is all dubstep? Does anyone know if Skrillex has any acting chops? He could be the young POV character.

In its current from Jean-Claude isn’t expected to come back or even be involved. I’m sure we could change that thought, through a massive letter writing campaign or two. Oh, that’s right. Nobody is even demanding that this movie be made in the first place.


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