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Timur Bekmambetov To Remake Ben-Hur?

MGM is at it again. No, they’re not attempting to make another Bond film or filing for bankruptcy. They’re attempting to remake a classic that doesn’t need to be remade. This time the studio is foolishly attempting to update Ben-Hur. What’s even more frightening about this project is that the director that they’ve selected for this project is Timur Bekmambetov.

Timur is most widely know for his films Night Watch and Day Watch. He’s also recognized as one of the directors to make one of the least faithful comic book adaptations in his film Wanted. More recently Timur directed the train wreck Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

So, let’s try and put our heads in the space that the MGM executive that green lit this is currently existing in. They’re probably thinking, ‘ the only thing that people remember about the old Ben-Hur is the chariot race. We should have a super awesome chariot race in this one. Who should we get? How about somebody who has a really cool visual sense. Like that guy who made that movie about the bullets that shoot sideways.’

I’d bet dollars to donuts that is exactly what happened.

We’ll see if this actually goes anywhere, but, right now, Bekmambetov is MGM’s guy. He’s the one who’s going to reboot Ben-Hur.

Man, I hope they try and make a Fast and Furious style franchise out of this.

Fast and Furious in togas, bro. Sick. Wicked.


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