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Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike Won’t Be Making ‘The Outsider’

The story of ‘The Outsider’ is almost as interesting as the eventual movie promises to be. Andrew Baldwin, the writer of the upcoming Logan’s Run remake, wrote a script about an American POW who slowly rises through the ranks of the Yakuza in post-WWII Japan.

The script was so good that it made it onto the Black List, the list of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays, and landed Michael Fassbender to star and Daniel Espinosa to direct. Unfortunately, that incarnation fell apart.

Then Takashi Miike and Tom Hardy signed on. Things were moving along pretty well, they landed a financing and distribution deal. Unfortunately, the film has hit another roadblock.

Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike have just left the film.

There’s not word yet who will replace them.

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