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Top 20 Electronica/Dance Albums of 2015 (#5-1)

And so we come to the end of our end-of-year countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of 2015 (20-16 is here 15-11 here, 10-6 here). Below are the Top 5 albums of the year. Happy 2016!

5) Shamir – Ratchet

shamir ratchet

Blessed with a striking genderless voice, androgynous style icon Shamir justified all the comparisons with Michael Jackson, Grace Jones and Antony Hegarty with a striking, self-assured and unpredictable debut every bit as quirky as his fashion sense.

4) Floating Points – Elaenia

floating points elaenia

Nicknamed the techno Einstein, DJ/producer Sam Shepherd proved that his Floating Points project defied such pigeonholing with an intelligent debut which tackled everything from ambient electronica to psychedelic post-rock and neo-classical, all with the utmost style and grace.

3) Real Lies – Real Life

real lies real life

Ever wondered what a collaboration between Pet Shop Boys, The Streets and Happy Mondays would sound like? Wonder no more, thanks to this inspired fusion of 80s electro-pop, urban poetry and acid house which perfectly recaptured the spirit of the Second Summer of Love.

2) Miaoux Miaoux – School of Velocity

maioux maioux school of velocity

Throwing everything from 80s sophisti-pop and French Touch to cinematic electronica and Prince-esque funk into one colorful melting pot, the third album from Scottish producer Miaoux Miaoux was one of the most inventive and under-rated records of the year.

1) Bob Moses – Days Gone By

bob moses days gone by

Following in the footsteps of The xx and London Grammar, Brooklyn-based Canadians Bob Moses expertly bridged the gap between the dancefloors and the dinner party table with their brilliantly brooding first LP. Blending echo-laden guitars, deep house beats and Tom Howie’s beautifully melancholic melodies, Days Gone By was not only this year’s must-have late-night soundtrack, it was this year’s must-have dance album, period.


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