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Unraveling the KISS Rock Hall Of Fame Fiasco

*Sigh.* You have to wonder whether the folks over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ever regret their choices, or if they ever get tired of the drama involved with dealing with rock and rollers who never grew up.

Let’s see if we can get the story straight.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voted to induct 70s glam-rockers KISS this year—a decision many applauded in itself, and one that fans even got to vote for.  But the question du jour is: who the hell comprises KISS? That question is the fuel that has sparked a flurry of controversy and squabbling the likes of which we haven’t seen since Axl Rose’s hissy fit over the Guns N’ Roses induction a couple of years ago. The Rock Hall is only inducting the four original members of KISS, the ones who first made the band famous in the 1970s. The two remaining original members of KISS (Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley), along with the newer current and former members, decry that decision, even though some of these guys haven’t been in the band long enough to qualify.  KISS wanted to perform at the induction ceremony with their newer members alongside the old; original (former members) Ace Frehley and Peter Criss decry THAT decision, claiming it would be insulting to play onstage alongside two newer members who are wearing their trademark stage makeup. So the answer to that is that no one’s playing, simply because KISS can’t get along with itself.

Have you got all that so far?

So now, KISS has let it be known that all current and former members of the band will be invited to sit with the band during the induction ceremony, even though only the original four will be inducted. All surviving members except the elusive Vinnie Vincent have confirmed.  So now all the squabbling, fussing members of KISS will be sitting at the same table.

Ummm….maybe someone should make sure there are no sharp objects handy at that table. Perhaps serve them only soup in a cup?

This much I can say for myself: I love rock and roll, but I hate childishness.  Induction into the Rock Hall of Fame is a privilege, not a right, and it should be accepted with grace and dignity when it is offered—not demanded by a bunch of disgruntled guys acting like spoiled brats fighting on the playground for who gets control of the seesaw. If the Rock Hall wants to induct only the four original members of KISS, then damnit, that’s their prerogative.  None of them had to be inducted at all.  If I were on the board who first nominated them, I’d be asking right about now whether we could withdraw the nomination.  KISS may deserve the induction for their contributions to rock history, but they do NOT deserve to be rewarded for childish behavior.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t bear to see this anymore. KISS can do what they want, but I’ve lost interest. When the induction happens, I, for one, won’t be watching.

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