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Watch ‘The Space Invaders’ Documentary Now

We live in a marvelous time. We exist in an era where everything is at our fingertips. Any piece of information, any song, or any map. It’s all there, through the power of the internet.

Through the internet filmmakers can create and distribute their own films. It’s a glorious time. There’s almost no middle man involved. Sure, it helps if you get picked up by Amazon or Netflix but there’s no NEED for that. You can just throw up your super awesome movie on a website and roll from there.

I’m really into video game documentaries. Learning about the people that play games is almost as entertaining as playing the games, for me.

A new documentary titled ‘The Space Invaders: In Search Of Lost Time’ chronicles multiple people who are involved in the finding/restoring/collecting of classic stand up arcade cabinets.


What makes this extremely interesting is that it is currently available via Amazon’s streaming service.  This is exciting stuff. I love it whenever small entrepreneurial filmmakers succeed. The fact that this film is on Amazon’s site right now, the second I find out about it, is a wonder of the modern world. Everything really is at your finger tips. It’s lovely.

So, if you’re inclined. Check out Space Invaders. It looks really charming.

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Erica Freddricks currently resides in Baltimore where she writes film criticisms and plants things. She also enjoys Korgis. She graduated from Towson University with a major in Art History and a minor being awesome.

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