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Weekly Mixtape Mini-Reviews: Gunplay, Consequence, 9th Wonder/Jay-Z

Occasionally, a whole bunch of musical content is released all at once, and it may be difficult to keep track of all the fresh mixtapes that come available. Allow me to remedy that situation. This mini-roundup of a week’s worth of music should catch you up to speed.


Cops & Robbers by Gunplay Gunplay is off house arrest and angry at the world. No surprise there, right? His latest mixtape is filled with that familiar Gunplay template: wild wordplay, trap beats, classic beats from rap/hip-hop’s golden era and intros inspired by TV shows/movies. Gunplay lays down lines about his love for drugs and his many thug tendencies, while also delving into his distaste for the law and fraudulent homies. The content on this mixtape grows tiresome after about 10 songs in, and the production also falters at some points. If you’re a hardcore follower of MMG’s wild boy, then you’ll love what you hear here. For anyone else who isn’t on the Gunplay train, this tape won’t convince you to hop on board.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

Check Out – Bet That feat. Pusha T


Movies on Demand 4 by Consequence Consequence is a free agent, and that’s a problem. The former G.O.O.D. Music signee is one of the most underrated MC’s out, yet no major record labels seem to notice how much quality he exhibits. Hopefully his new mixtape will turn a few heads, because it’s truly a standout project. Consequence is full of witty similes and metaphors, which he spits over the tape’s awesome production. This brother is the definition of an MC. His bars have meaning, and he’s always flipping his subject matter so his listeners don’t hit the skip button.  Consequence delves into your usual rap/hip-hop topics here, but he makes it sound refreshing over recognizable samples and boom bap beats. Con’s big screen sequel is a blockbuster.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Check Out – Slipped Me Ecstasy


Black American Gangster by 9th Wonder and Jay-ZNorth Carolina producer 9th Wonder has done remixed projects for the great Jay-Z before. This time around, 9th hops on Jay-Z’s American Gangster and takes full advantage of his crates full of treasured records. It’s apparent that 9th carefully selected every sample and beat he attached to each song before this mixtape became public; as a result, most of the new production put behind Jay’s past bars sounds ten times better than the cuts from the original album. I predict when your ears perk up after hearing Barry White introduce one of the tape’s cuts, you’ll become a believer. No disrespect to the producers on the first joint, but this 9th Wonder/Jay-Z collabo stands above its predecessor in every way. Say hello…to North Carolina’s dopest beatmaker.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars

Check Out – Say Hello

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