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Weekly Mixtape: The Week’s Best Tracks (Edition 11.3.12)

Welcome to your Weekly Mixtape November 3, 2012.


Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown and Ludacris, “Everyday Birthday”

Though he has occupied himself of late with his work as one-third of the triumvirate that controls Justin Bieber, Ludacris once made his living as a purveyor of raps. On “Everyday Birthday” he reminds us of that legacy, but fails to stick around long enough to own up to it.

With its dance-floor siren and “Party, working girl!” theme, “Everyday Birthday” actually comes off as one of the laziest singles in recent memory. However, it was released on my actual birthday (seriously)—a shallow marketing plow that has nonetheless resulted in the priceless new media coverage you see before you now.



Future ft. Pill, “Hell-N-Back”

Remember Future? When last we checked in with the Georgia-based MC, we were still trying to wrest the auto-tune machine from his grasp, while simultaneously exhorting him to please, speak up.

“Hell-N-Back” shows that in addition to ducking this sage advice, Future has gone ahead and blown the release date for his Super Future mixtape. He is offering “Hell-N-Back” in lieu of that specimen, and while the single fails to reach “Tony Montana” levels of irresistibility, it at least doesn’t have to apologize for its own existence.



Wiz Khalifa, “The Tweak is Heavy”

This marks Wiz’s second video in a row whose sole conceit is the filming of Mr. Khalifa reclining and lip-syncing to one of his own songs whilst smoking a sizable blunt. Seriously, who else could pull this off? The man spends a couple minutes goofing around with an empty champagne bottle, and within two days the number of people who have viewed the results is roughly equal to the entire membership of the Libertarian Party. This is certifiably bonkers. O.N.I.F.C. is probably going to sell a gazillion copies, not that Wiz will be sober enough to notice.


Snoop Lion, “La La La”

“Forget everything I said about his talent as a rapper; the most impressive thing about Snoop Dogg is the embarrassment-defying Teflon that he seems to have slathered across his body like a second skin.

—Shane Danaher, October 27, 2012



Fat Trel, “Muney”

It’s tough to judge Fat Trel’s “Muney” by the classical rubric of “good” versus “bad.” The track, with its ubiquitous auto-tune, skin-deep materialism and simian rhyme scheme, seems like a parody of innocuous radio rap, or maybe like the horrifying logical conclusion of that genre’s ideology. Doing away with subtext altogether, Fat Trel has decided to title his upcoming album S.D.M.G.—Sex Drugs Muney Gunz. We should at least applaud the man’s insistence on truth in advertising.

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