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Welcome Princess Carter: Lil Wayne Signs Daughter Reginae

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Imprint is officially in the family way.  Meaning Weezy’s birthing a new baby -– his own.  Earlier this year he signed his 16-year-old eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, as the latest (and youngest) Young Money artist.  The singer/rapper (and author!) is prepping her first album, Becoming Reginae, and has just released her first single, “Mind Goin Crazy.”

Mind Goin Crazy – Reginae Carter

Over a boom-bass beat, Reginae’s stuntin’ like her daddy about fashion, friends, wealth, and the ability to buy her own things.  Her purses be “heavy,” she’s having fun, and she “ain’t looking for love.” The lyrics are beginner, like a teen rhyming in a mall.  But then again, she is a teen… who’s daddy could probably buy a mall.  Nae’s voice is strong and stylized, if a little underused.  And I did like the multiple use of “mind” in the chorus, “Mind goin crazy, I don’t mind goin crazy.”  It’s catchy.  I could hear this song getting played in the club earlyon in the night – but after that it’s… a little forgettable.

But what’s not forgettable is Nae’s attitude in the video.  She reminds me of Ester Dean in “Drop It Low.”  Rich Girl Swank.  And the way she flicks her hair is well… Boss.  Best line? “I be poppin’ Hairfinity till my hair to my waist.”

Speaking of being a boss, the entrepreneurial teen is an empire-builder in the making.  She’s already co-authored and published a book, Paparazzi Princesses, and launched her own clothing line, Reginae Carter Collection. You may have even caught Ms. Thang on her mama’s BET reality show, Tiny and Toya.  (Toya Wright is Weezy’s ex-wife, childhood sweetheart, and an entrepreneur herself).  Reginae’s certainly a chip off both the old blocks.

The daddy’s girl was recently spotted in the news because of her unbelievably lavish Sweet 16 birthday party (November 29).  Princess Carter received not one but two cars from papa bear (and perhaps mama bear) – a Ferrari and a BMW each topped with a big red bow!  Folks, them’s the perks when your pops is the boss.

“Happy birthday to my angel, my princess, my pride and joy Reginae Carter!” Weezy F. Baby tweeted on Nov 29, “16 years of being a reminder of how beautiful life can truly b.”

So what’s it like having your pops as your father and your boss?

“Lil Wayne ‘The Boss’ has high expectations for my career, so he’s on me…” Reginae said in an August 21st Fuse TV interview. “Lil Wayne ‘The Dad’—he’s fun; he’s like my best friend. At home, he’s Dad unless a business call comes in!”

Young Money President Mack Maine calls Reginae a “super megastar.”  This writer believes she has the chops if she either improves her lyrics, or hires better songwriters.  She’s definitely got a voice, a bright presence, and the right backing behind her.  So, song choices will tell.  Still, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to from the Young Money princess as she’s Becoming Reginae.

For more info on Reginae’s journey, check out her website at www.becomingreginae.com.

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