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Where’s The Beef?: Cassidy vs. Meek Mill

Philadelphia is a breeding ground for hard rappers who, as I’d like to put it, are about that life. Beanie Sigel scares the life out of me every time he mean mugs the camera. Black Thought may be one of the most underrated rappers of all time…and he may just be ready to snap on a fool who thinks otherwise. Two Philly MC’s have been in the news lately – MMG’s young gunner Meek Mill and “The Hustler” Cassidy.

Meek Mill let it be known that he’d be down to enter the battle rap arena once more. Besides, he started out as a battle rapper who hurt other grown folks with vicious wordplay. Of course, a hefty sum of dead presidents ($100,000!) had to be given to Mill beforehand, but the funds that resulted from the battle would surely go to charity. Cassidy must have gotten wind of this bold proclamation, because he offered to take Mill up on his challenge.

Meek Mill must have gotten wind of Cassidy’s challenge, but cooler heads (aka MMG’s PR) probably got in Mill’s ear and told him to fall back. I’m guessing their view on things could be summarized in a few sentences: “You’re one of the hottest young rappers in the game right now. You don’t need to involve yourself in something that could potentially hurt your career.”

To me, that translates to, “Cassidy can (and probably will) body you in a face to face battle. Steer clear.”

Once Mill denied the challenge, a few songs hit the web and things became quite unfriendly. Some say “Diary of a Hustler” clearly takes shots at Meek Mill. Cassidy says it’s not what you think it is. Listen to this song and a few other joints. Decide for yourself:


“Diary of a Hustler” – Cassidy


Like all rap beefs nowadays, Cass and Mill’s rap feud turned to Twitter and some heated talk ensued. Thankfully, more music followed:


“Repo” – Meek Mill



“Me, Myself, and iPhone” – Cassidy


“R.A.I.D.” – Cassidy


Both rappers have taken to Twitter, major hip hop websites/blogs, urban radio stations and television in order to make their opinions on the matter public. Cassidy doesn’t want anyone to think this is a street beef, though. Meek Mill did attack the man personally in a set of Tweets, but we all know cooler heads will prevail and keep this from getting physical.

Lord knows we don’t need to turn on BET and see a news brief on a violent Cassidy/Meek Mill altercation. Let’s keep it on wax, fellas. I’d pay good PPV money to see both dudes rap their *expletive* off while 300 thugs and strippers got excited behind them.

Who wins? We’ll just have to wait until this thing plays itself out till the end.

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