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Who Is Sky Ferreira? And Should We Care?

Twenty-year-old pop songstress/model/actress Sky Ferreira seems to be one of those people who generates lots of interest and buzz on the Internet without a lot of substance as to who she is or what she’s about. We can ascertain that Michael Jackson was a friend of the family while she grew up, that Swedish producers Bloodshy & Avant took an interest her as a teenager from her self-promotion on MySpace, and that for several years she’s been promising the public a full-length studio record that has had several release dates and multiple titles, but which as yet has not materialized. Instead, we have had several electro-pop singles, an EP titled As If! which was released last year but is apparently now unavailable; and now this week, a new five-song EP titled, simply, Ghost EP, which is being featured on numerous streaming and download outlets.

To make things even more confusing, the Ghost EP itself sounds like a hodgepodge of styles, the five songs jumping genres wildly from electro-pop (“Lost In My Bedroom”) to alt-rock (“Red Lips”) to a more relaxed indie sound (“Sad Dream” and “Ghost”). This may actually lend an explanation as to why we don’t really know much about Sky Ferreira: she may not actually know who she is, either. Reports have surfaced here and there that Ferreira is shifting away from her previous electro-pop sound, and the EP certainly reflects that possibility. Perhaps the problem here is that she found herself in the public eye before her public persona had actually solidified.

The thing is, though—Ferreira seems to be genuinely talented. While the electro-pop sounds on the Ghost EP tend to blend in with the already flooded market of similar tunes,  the fact is “Red Lips,” “Everything Is Embarrassing” and the title track “Ghost” could easily be hits within their respective genres. Among them, the title track would be my personal pick—haunting, emotive and memorable, it’s definitely a standout.

The most recent information is that the debut album (titled I’m Not Alright, last we heard), is scheduled to come out at the end of the year. Perhaps then we’ll see if all these staggered sort-of releases are leading somewhere. It seems to me that Sky Ferreira has the makings of a pop star; she just has to figure out who she is as an artist, and commit to a direction.

Then again, maybe all the pop-culture attention she’s receiving was the goal; maybe Sky Ferreira already has what she wants. Time will tell.

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