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Who SHOULDN’T Be On XXL’s Freshman 2013 Cover

Okay, I think I’ve spread enough love with the last two posts. Now it’s time I shed some light on some of the untalented crop of artists that are polluting rap/hip-hop. XXL’s Freshman 2013 cover should include rappers who exhibit quality and provide excellent music. It should not give any cover space to lame duck busters and one hit wonders in the making. If these super whack MC’s (and I use that term loosely) make it on the cover, then all hope is lost for the future.

These 5 don’t need to be anywhere near XXL’s Freshman 2013 cover.


5. Riff RaffAnyone who’s associated with Soulja Boy is usually not worth anyone’s time. Case in point – Riff Raff. This Southern rapper has a knack for making my ears bleed.  Nothing that escapes his mouth is worth mentioning and his horrible music videos flood the internet with visual poison. VladTV gives this man way too much camera time. His 15 minutes of fame were up a long time ago. Paul Wall makes that Texas rap swag sound and look much better than this dude.

4. Lola Monroe Female rappers were just starting to make a good name for themselves…then Lola Monroe showed up. Wiz Khalifa just needs to keep Amber Rose on his songs. Amber is no better, but I can at least tolerate her. Lola is your typical lady rapper who rhymes (barely) about hatin’ ass B-words, street work and her expensive collectables. She could be so much better if she actually spit something that warranted repeated listens. She’s mediocre at best. Lola fits her boss mate’s description quite well – a rapper who doesn’t offer much over dope production.

3. Chief Keef Chicago has been at the forefront of rap for good reasons and bad ones. Chief Keef fits into both categories. He’s at the front of the pack of Chi Town’s “Drill” music scene, but he’s also one of the worst rappers to have a major label deal. Don’t get me wrong – I respect this young dude for making something out of nothing. But I can’t see any reason to support a wild youngster whose message and behavior is underserving of all the accolades he’s getting. His debut album sucked, he’s devoid of lyricism and he’s a detriment to the rap game. I. Don’t. Like.

2. Lil’ Reese Remember that young Chicago rapper who was seen on tape beating up a girl? Remember the dude who tweeted that this video was just an attempt by haters to bring him down? Yeah, it’s this “admirable” guy. It’s funny that I’m putting Lil’ Reese down even though I like “Us.” Doesn’t mean I like the rapper, though. Chicago is putting out plenty of youngsters who don’t offer much substance and musical longevity. Lil’ Reese joins Chief Keef in that long list of rappers who are young, dumb and not worth their multi-million dollar deals.

1. Ca$h Out When all is said and done, Ca$h Out will be remembered as “that guy who did the song that sounds like his name.” I tried to give him a chance since I found “Cashin’ Out” pretty catchy, but I couldn’t force myself to listen to no more than 5 minutes of his mixtape. There’s just…nothing there. He’s your typical generic Southern rapper who thrives off of likeable beats and sing-songy lyrics. Don’t invest in this man. You’ll never cash out on a rapper who makes songs titled “Big Booty.”


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