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Who Wants To See A Bigfoot VS Werewolves Movie?

Outlier and Pathbender are currently teaming up to adapt Savage, a comic written by Dan Wickline, Steve Niles and Jeff Frank and illustrated by Mike Mayhew, for the big screen or television.

The premise is simple Bigfoot vs Werewolves. Sounds fun, right? Well, Outlier and Pathbender thought the same thing. That’s why they bought the rights to adapt it.

Currently, James Cotton is attached to help the flick which is being described as ‘a mysterious killer who is hunting down supernatural creatures. While looking for a prodigy to continue his work, he finds himself in the midst of a battle between the legendary Bigfoot and a pack of werewolves.’

E. Thompson and John Adams of Pathbender will produce and Mark Moran of Outlier will executive produce. This sound like everything the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wanted to be.

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