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Why Musicians and Bands should know the ins and outs of the recording studio process.

Whether you’re a novice solo artist or in a band that’s building up a large fan base, it might be time to ask yourself that big question… Why should I know the ins and outs of the recording studio process?

Any maturing artist can benefit in a big way by understanding the fundamentals behind the recording process. Knowing the procedures will save you time and money, and help you a long way with the creative process.

So, let’s say you’re ready to take that leap and are determined to jump into a studio guitar at hand for your first recording session, this can be an exciting but daunting experience. On one side, you’re ready to get your music out to the masses but on the flip side you might not have a solid understanding of the step by step procedures that will occur when beginning a recording session.

Understanding the equipment you will be using to produce the type of sound you are trying to achieve is the first step. If you do not have a thorough understanding of the equipment you would like to use for your recording this will definitely be a huge road block on the timeliness and cost of your recording. In most cases having the time to be creative and experiment is not a luxury artist or engineers have. Your time in the studio is usually mapped out to a schedule that suites the engineer as they are always working with other clients near the same time frame as you. Following the natural progression of the studio process can work for you but can be a long and expensive adventure if you walk in to it blind. So what can you do about it? Get educated on the recording process.

Do as most musicians do, they first test out the waters of the educational pool by researching facts. We are now in a glorious digital age where we can find insightful resources for most of our questions right at our finger tips using Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and other sites, but of course this only scratches the surface of what you need to know. In order to truly know the ins and outs of the recording studio process you will still need to get yourself into an educational institute where you can walk through a few projects of your own to get this process on dial.

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Eddy Martinez, more widely know as Eddy Nightmare front man and song writer in the indie electro band Nightmares for Robots has had growing success in the past years playing in the college music circuit across the U.S. singer/song writer Eddy Martinez has been noted by several independent music magazines for his catchy dirty synth riffs, distinguishable voice, and pulsating music that brings people to their feet.

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