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Worst of 2013: The Electronica/Dance Hall of Shame

After celebrating the best that 2013 has had to offer, here’s a look at five of the worst/dance electronica albums to have been inflicted upon the unsuspecting public over the last twelve months.

will.i.am – #willpower

Not content with dragging hip-hop down to its lowest common denominator level with the Black Eyed Peas, the creatively bankrupt will.i.am then did the same to dance music with a moronic canon of ringtones packed with the same repetitive headache-inducing synths and four-to-the-floor beats. The 38-year-old’s stint on The Voice UK proves that he possesses plenty of charm, but #willpower proves that he loses that charm whenever he enters the studio. The worst record of the year by some distance.

Krewella – Get Wet

After selling a million copies with the hands-in-the-air rave pop of “Alive,” Chicago trio Krewella showed they had little else to offer with a debut album which clung onto the dying embers of the EDM-pop bandwagon for dear life. Indeed, for a band so obsessed with the YOLO theory, Get Wet was an unforgivably joyless affair which lacked any distinct identity whatsoever.

3OH!3- Omens

Now about to enter their thirties, Colorado duo 3OH!3 made it clear they wish to stay fratboys forever on a fourth album just as dumb, juvenile and immature as their previous three. Overloaded with an overwhelming use of AutoTune, boorish attempts at humour and groan-worthy pop-culture references, Omens almost made LMFAO appear the height of sophistication.

The Knife – Shaking The Habitual

Amplifying everything which has made them such a divisive act, The Knife’s fourth studio effort was something to be endured rather than enjoyed, especially on “Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized,” essentially a torturously long 19-minute collage of industrial noise. Almost impossible to classify as a conventional studio album, Shaking The Habitual was undoubtedly ambitious but at the same time virtually unlistenable.

Icona Pop – This Is… Icona Pop

Responsible for one of this year’s biggest summer hits in “I Love It,” Swedish duo Icona Pop then stuck rigidly to their shouty trash-pop formula on eleven similarly bratty but instantly forgettable “party anthems: which suggested that they’re going to have an impossibly tough time shaking off their one-hit wonder label.

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