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X-Files 20th Anniversary Comic Con Panel

The X-Files is a staple of American popular culture. It seems like just yesterday that the show was on the air. Well, it’s actually been 20 years since Mulder and Scully have first graced the air waves. As such, the San Diego Comic Con has organized a panel of the show’s stars and creatives to look back and celebrate the occasion.

Take a look.

One wonders why X-Files creator Chris Carter was so tight lipped about the potential of a sequel film. Is this due to the fact that he’s been asked 9000 times about the possibility of the continuation of the show? Or is this because there actually are plans to bring the franchise back to life?

One also wonders why fox hasn’t attempted to have soft reboot. Bringing some of the cast members back I.E. Skinner and Reyes or even Dogget wouldn’t be that difficult. With a new core duo it could prove to be quite exciting. And of course you could bring back Scully and Mulder for whatever episodes deal with the new ‘mythology’ of the show.

Talk about a built in audience. There are few fan bases as fervent as the X-Files. Fox could even hedge their bets and continue the Mulder & Scully stories on the big screen and use the small screen to connect with a new fan base through new characters.

On another side not, Carter is asked at one point during the panel about the new comic book X-Files Season 10. He specifically states that it is not season 10 in his eyes. This is quite interesting or rather a complete and total let down. The whole allure of the ‘Next Season’ style comics, case in point Buffy, is that the adventures in the comics are in continuity with the show. They’re produced by the people who ran the show and they’re made under the assumption that if any new installments in the franchise are produced then these comics will figure into how it is made. It’s quite saddening to hear that Carter doesn’t view these comics as cannonical. Previous to hearing his opinion I was going to pick them up. Not anymore. I feel mislead by both Carter and the publisher IDW.


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