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X-Men: Days of Future Past Set Photos

Fans of the X-men film franchise have had a bumpy ride as of late. The films that launched the franchise, X-men and X2: X-men United, while slightly problematic are of substantial quality. The later entries into the series, X-men 3: the Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, turned out to be financially successful but completely devoid of the charm, magic, and quality that made the original two such a spectacle to behold.

This dip in quality could be placed at the feet of director Bryan Singer, who left the franchise to direct Superman Returns. Regardless, the films were not well made for an extended period of time.


Enter X-men: First Class and Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn directed  and Singer produced the soft reboot/prequel/thingamabob. It was intended to jumpstart the franchise all over again. New actors, a mix of some familiar characters and some notably absent. It worked. The franchise has a groundswell of popular support again and Fox is looking to make yet another sequel. So, what are they going to do? Are they going to make a sequel to First Class? Are they going to attempt to reunite the cast from the previous trilogy and make X4: Jesus, Let This Be Good, Please?

Well, it turns out they’re doing both.

Bryan Singer is returning to direct a time traveling multi-time period X-men film based loosely on the Claremont & Byrne story Days of Future Past. The film will incorporate both casts and multiple new characters. The story promises Sentinels, time travel, and loads of black leather.


Bryan Singer has been tweeting character photos from the set. Let’s take a look.



Halle Berry is returning as Storm aka Orroro Monroe. Berry is honestly pretty terrible in this role. Her performance in X1 might be the worst part of a tragically flawed movie. But, it’s  a nice nod to the franchise that they’re bringing her back. I’m not sold on this bulky future-leather look. The costumes in the first one were bad enough. This is just 1997 all over again. Also: why can’t we get a mohawk? It’s the future. Giver her a mohawk.


Patrick Steward is amazing in everything. I don’t really have any qualm with him. Again, his ‘future’ fashion is a bit questionable, but what are you going to do. Also: notice that he’s walking in this photo? Yes, it’s just a press photo but… he is WALKING. Interesting.


James Mcavoy returning as Young Professor X. This is perfect. This is exactly what it should be. This is spot on.


Ellen Page coming back as Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat. Again, it’s the leather, man. I just doesn’t do anything for me. Avengers proves that you can do “spandex” and make it cool. Let’s do it.


First look at Beast. Hank is looking a  bit more George Perez now. He had the Frank Quitely-ish design in First Class. I like the Quitely design in the comics more. On film the CG was slightly wonky. This, however, looks like it could have the potential to be amazing.


And finally, Beast and Logan in the X-mansion. They both look spot on. But, the real question is are they both in the 70’s during this scene? Is Logan on the First Class era team? Are they going to ret con the events that happened in X1 or is this in the future?

Most of these character set photos that Singer has been throwing out there haven’t been story related. This one is quite intriguing.


And Jennifer Laurence as Raven Darkholm aka Mystique. There’s not much to say about this one, other than the fact that she looks great in the blue make up.



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